New tracing features will stimulate your visual memory

Linefy’s method is excellent for novices and produces fantastic results with little effort, but it may be a bit too simple for those who are already trained.

If this your case, the new tracing modality is your way forward and the character disappearing, while you trace its border with your Apple Pencil, will certainly stimulate you further. This way of working may be more suitable for some than others, but as ever, experimentation is key when it comes to finding what works best for you.

Moreover, if you have issues with your visual memory and find it difficult to remember things, this exercise will help you to improve. What you should do: while tracing the character on the iPad, focus on the shape and on its details. By doing this, you will stimulate your visual memory and make it stronger.

Of course, you can always switch from one modality to another… there is no limitation whatsoever!

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