How to search and look through the results

Linefy is the perfect App for you when lack of inspiration and want a little help to find ideas for your next drawing masterpiece!

The main page is made of three main sections:

  • The headline, where you will enter your search criteria
  • The galleries
  • And the footer

Let’s focus on the first two, since we are looking to learn about finding nice pictures.

The headlines

Voice capture button and Search bar

It will allow you to enter your search terms typing on the keyboard or speaking to your iPad (you really talk to objects? Oh, what a wonderful world…). While the words appear in the search bar, you will notice two things:

  1. Three buttons appears.
  2. The galleries contents is getting filtered.
Searching buttons

These buttons will allow you to filter the kind of image you are going to retrieve: photos, drawings or video tutorials.

The photo button will cover anything from great images to be traced untill cartoon colored drawings. The “pen” button will restrict the results to line arts. And the camera will look for beautiful tutorials to learn how draw from the bests.

The galleries

Thumbnails and video previews

There are three galleries displayed under the search bar, rich of inspiration and great artwork to copycat.

The first gallery is not always visible, unless you entered a search criteria and pressed the search button; it will clearly aim to show the result of your query, and it will display them horizontally at first.

The second gallery is listing the pictures that other users liked so much that they are willing to share them with you. Not only, when you tap over one of the thumbnails, you will get suggested even more similar pictures to chose from.

Finally, the last gallery is your personal favorites, here you will retrieve, on all your devices, the pictures that you chose to keep available without further lost of time.

Looking through the pictures

By default, the images are displayed in a horizontal disposition, but you can switch to a grid view simply by tapping on the above two arrows. Which rearrange the page and put the focus on the selected gallery. Moreover, if you are looking at the samples, switching to the grid mode, will disable the function searching for further samples once you tap a picture. In this mode, tapping a picture will directly open the canvas to start your work!

That’s it… at least, for now! I hope this helps and that you will find those features as practical as we are hoping they are. Hand over you!

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