Drawing a Street Fighter character with Linefy: easy peasy lemon squeezy

This is precisely the first drawing I did with Linefy! I spent one, surprisingly relaxing, hour tracing the Street Fighter character Ryu… and I’d pleasantly spend spend some more time to obtain an even better result if I wasn’t in a hurry towards the end; basically, I think it is worth tracing again part of the contour once the coloring is completed… this can be done in a second moment anyway, so I might continue later.

All in all, the App appears already quite stable and powerful enough to satisfy most of the users. Nevertheless, by having this long session, I noticed some improvement I’ll be working on very soon.

Let me know your thought, ideas in the comments?

NB: if you are seeing this video too early, consider the App is pending review, by the Apple test team, so the link might not be working in the first day I publish this video: AppStore Linefyme

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