Tracing, Tutorials and Inspirations

Whether you are looking for an App to spend some good time drawing or tracing some beautiful picture, or whether you are just looking for inspiration, Linefy is easy and perfect for your need.

On top of its main purpose, this App has many facets allowing beginners as well as more advanced users to find it very useful: beginners will appreciate the possibility to learn from the tutorials of the best artists, and the advanced users will look for inspirations and challenges in the extended galleries of samples.

This is because it was designed, from its inception, for the parents who are looking for a way to bring their kid’s inner creativity or to engage with them in creative activities such as coloring or painting.

There are many App out there, very complicated and focused on the pros, but very few are thinking about simplicity. In Linefy, you won’t find extensive lists of functions and tools that most of the people will never use. That doesn’t mean that the App is poor of capabilities, but that it is aiming to take you through a pleasant journey leading to lovely creations from which you will be the creator, just because you can.

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